Steam Flash Sales May Be Making A Return Says New Leak From Valve

One of the hallmarks of former Steam sales several years ago were flash sales, a series of smaller sales where even discounted games would get even bigger markdowns to draw more people to purchase them. Now, according to a leak, Steam flash sales may be making a return to Steam.

Steam flash sales stopped being included in Steam sales a while ago, and since then games have stayed at the price that they’re marked down at for the entirety of the sale. While they did exist a sort of culture sprang up around the Steam sales with many people cautioning buyers not to purchase a game unless it was part of a flash sale or daily deal.

If Steam flash sales do make a return, according to the leak (which came from Tyler McVicker, the head of Valve News Network) the developers of those games will be able to make adjustments to how long the flash sales run for. You could run them six, eight, ten, or twelve hours depending on your preferences. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Valve yet about flash sales returning.

Unless Valve actually tells us that yes, flash sales are going to be returning to Steam, we’ll likely have to wait until the platform’s autumn or Christmas sale, or whenever the flash sales get implemented. But, at least in the mind of a gamer, there are multiple good and bad reasons for them to make a return.

Steam Flash Sales likely spring up at a moment’s notice with no warning and can be gone just as quickly, which means that if you’re at work or on a long car trip or something that takes longer than six hours (or however long the sale is), you’ll miss your chance to get what might be a great game at a discounted price.

On the other hand, if you still don’t have enough money for a game, and it turns up in one of the Steam flash sales, then it would be a great opportunity to be able to buy it.

However it turns out, we’ll just have to see if flash sales actually are making a return via an official Valve news post or something to see in the next sale.