REND Taming Guide – Taming Crystal, Spirit Realm, How To Tame

In REND, there are a lot of features that have little to no instructions. This may lead to confusion but we are here to clear that up. One of these aspects is REND Taming which may not have sufficient explanation of how it works in the game. Check out our REND Taming Guide for tips to tame all sorts of creatures.

REND Taming

The process of taming a creature basically allows you to first capture their spirit via elimination then allowing you to summon them, later on, to aid you in battles. For any type of creature, the taming procedure works the same. All creatures have a pet rating which determines how valuable they would be in a battle and how hard they are to tame.

Most of the creatures can be used as mounts with limited carrying capacity. They can give you a helping hand in battles but will not last so long due to their low defense.

Finding Taming Crystal

For taming a creature, you need to have the creature in your sight, a Taming Crystal, access to the Spirit Realm and a Spirit Stable, and finally a bow to fire Spirit Arrows at the creature.

The Taming Crystal has unlimited use unless it hits a creature. There is a dedicated hotkey for it as well. Choose a creature of your choice and then mark it with the Taming Crystal which will send out a blue projectile and hit the beast. While it is marked, use your attacks to kill the creature.

Now you need to enter the Spirit Realm. Access to this is only possible with items like the Totem of the Other World or a talent like Shaman’s REND the Veil. Once you enter the otherworldly realm, locate the spirit of the creature you killed. Look for it at the exact spot where it was killed. Also, be aware of the threats by the Lost as they will whittle down your health. Make sure you have got a good armor to sustain their hits.

Proceed to shoot the spirit with Spirit Arrows until the Blue Meter below its health fills up. It is also advisable to use the Spirit Siphon for the same purpose of capturing the spirit. Do note to avoid hitting the critical point of the creature as this will eliminate the creature without filling up the Blue Taming meter. If everything is done correctly, you will receive the message for the taming process to have been a success.

Exit the Spirit Realm without taking too long as the portal will not stay there forever. Once in the real world, head to the Spirit Stable and press O to open up a menu where you will equip this newly tamed creature. Select the Set Active option.

Now you can freely press the Z key to summon that creature and even ride it by pressing Z again. Though mounts only work for certain creatures.

This is all we have in our REND Taming Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!