Octopath Traveler Sales Pass A Million Units, Nintendo Extends Its Thanks

One of the most-anticipated new games that would be coming to the Nintendo Switch was Octopath Traveler, an RPG where you control eight different characters on an epic journey. Now, Octopath Traveler sales have resulted in the game selling over a million copies, making it a smash hit on the Switch.

Octopath Traveler, as said above, is an RPG that is styled more in the early days of RPGs. While the lighting is amazing and so are the effects, characters essentially look like the sixteen-bit characters that previously served as play models in early Final Fantasy games and other such RPGs. However, that hasn’t stopped the game from winning a huge amount of universal acclaim for its story, writing, and graphics, and caused Octopath Traveler sales to reach a million in just a few weeks.

The game takes place in the land of Orsterra, where eight different characters (comprised of a knight, thief, cleric, apothecary, dancer, merchant, scholar, and hunter) each go on a personal journey, falling in with one another on the way into one combined story. Each class has different abilities they can use in battle and different things they can do when exploring the world, such as starting fights, picking pockets, and other such things.

Previously, back in September of last year, Nintendo had released a beta and demo for the game that gave you access to two of the routes, Olberic the Knight and Primrose the Dancer. That demo gave Square Enix the opportunity to make a few changes that would help the game to play better, and considering the critical acclaim and high number of Octopath Traveler sales, it worked out.

Octopath Traveler is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, so if you want to buy it and own a Switch then you can pick it up now.