New Super Mario Odyssey Costume Lets You Dress Up As A Broodal

A new Super Mario Odyssey costume has been released by Nintendo, giving Mario the opportunity to dress as one of the game’s many different enemies, one of the Broodals. The costume in question is Hariet’s, leaving Mario with a stylish purple dress that he can wear at any time he wants.

There’s a wide variety of different costumes that Mario can wear over the course of Super Mario Odyssey, all of which can be bought with the various coins that you pick up across the game’s many worlds. These include things like swimsuits, explorers outfits, thick parkas, and more, and now you can also make Mario wear a dress, if you’re so inclined.

The Broodal’s are a quartet of rabbits hired to plan Bowser’s wedding to Princess Peach in the game, and Mario has a boss fight with each one in all of the various kingdoms in the game before eventually fighting all of them at once in a giant robot. Each of them specializes in a different way of attacking, but the outfits probably won’t give Mario these abilities.

In addition to gathering all of the costumes there’s a lot of different stuff that you can do in Super Mario Odyssey, even if you’re able to get the new Super Mario Odyssey outfit. Getting all of the different Moons is quite the accomplishment, especially since some of them are quite well hidden, unlike in previous Mario games where you always had hints of how to do each one.

Considering that Nintendo’s still supporting Super Mario Odyssey despite it having been almost a year since the game came out, we might be seeing another new Super Mario Odyssey costume or two sometime in the future, and who knows what they’ll turn out to be. Even then, who knows what else Nintendo will add to the game.