Mission Impossible Fallout Joins PUBG MOBILE In Promotion Crossover

PUBG MOBILE is getting items designed in line with Mission Impossible Fallout for a special collaboration. Content will be related to the freshly released action thriller for promotional purposes. During this month-long crossover, the PUBG MOBILE players can access items themed in accordance with the epic spy/action series. This promotion crossover was made with the help of PUBG Corp. and Tencent joining hands.

The update is jam-packed with background music, customized chutes, and special reward items. The Survival Mode and Team Rush Mode are going to be revived with the added challenges in PUBG MOBILE.

Perhaps Mission Impossible fans can also relive the moments of having the gaming experience of the espionage series which was given way back in the 1998 video game of the same title. The character of Tom Cruise might not have been brought back for the user control but till that issue is addressed players can experience it in PUBG MOBILE.

The Mission Impossible Fallout update is only available for the mobile versions as of now. However, we must not forget the ambition of PUBG Corp as they have expressed in the past that they are committed to appealing “a broad range of gamers”. Hence, the console and PC gamers should not lose hope. Besides, the number of players PUBG MOBILE has could not really ask for a bigger user-base after all.

This news might remind gamers about the Fortnite crossover with Avengers not long ago when Infinity War came out. This promotion news suggests that Fortnite might be ahead of PUBG MOBILE in terms of promotional events, user-base, and variety of items.

Despite all this competition, PUBG MOBILE is always leading ahead of its PC or console versions. Whether it is from the end of developers or the players trying ways of hacking into the game.