God Of War PS4 Is The Fastest Selling PlayStation Exclusive Since 1995

God Of War PS4 launched earlier this year with an incredible critical reception with 5 million units sold in a period of a month. The game certainly surpassed Sony’s expectations but the game has achieved another milestone by becoming the best-selling PlayStation exclusive since 1995.

According to the latest stats from NPD data, God Of War PS4 is the best-selling PlayStation exclusive ever since the tracking began in 1995. This is hardly surprising since the game itself is incredible from gameplay to the narrative.

It has been over a few months since the launch of God Of War and developer Sony Santa Monica has already started to work on the sequel to the game.

According to the recent job listing for the studio, the studio is looking for an experienced senior character concept artist, who will contribute to the development of visuals, “rich cast of characters”.

It is unknown where the sequel will be set but, if the God Of War is any indication then the sequel will be just as good in terms of storytelling and gameplay.

God Of War was a big game in terms of how much content is provided to the players. However, the game could have been even richer in content or could have been bigger as the developer recently noted that 110 minutes of story content was cut from the game.

“Minor spoiler”, after Kratos reveals his identity to his son, Atreus starts to show signs of arrogance. However, the devs didn’t had the time to properly play out this ark and opted to cut it from the game.

we didn’t have that kind of time but we did have a lot of time that was allotted in the game. That was a section that we ended up cutting, it would’ve been about 110 minutes of Atreus becoming more and more of what we call “Jerk Mode.”

God Of War PS4 is an action-adventure game developed by Sony Santa Monica exclusively for PlayStation 4.