Sony PS4 6.0 System Software Beta Does Not Seem To Target Big Improvements

Adding the news for the Sony fans out there, just a few hours back Sony Interactive Entertainment started sending out invites for the Sony PS4 6.0 System Software Beta. As always you need to sign up in order to get the invite.

That said, as usual, the first and the foremost concern of the fans is that these invites, are not only extremely limited but they are only handed to a selected few. Apart from that Sony has clarified that this Sony PS4 6.0 System Software Beta does not include any major improvements and fixes.

They specifically added that at this Beta stage, this update does not include consumer-facing features but rather very small life improvements, as you may call it.

So those who had any hopes for perhaps a new or improved UI Interface, which the PS4 users would relate to, for being quite slow and laggy most of the times, can lower their expectations. Nor does it seem like they will be improving the Internet browser any time soon.

To be honest, back in the PS3 days, most of the users would use the internet browser to watch online movies and such but in PS4 it’s not too attractive nor is user-friendly, fans have perhaps forgotten about it.

At the moment, what the company has said regarding this Sony PS4 6.0 System Software Beta update is pretty unclear, what we know for sure is that it won’t include any big update. They have not said anything for the final update, on what shall be included in it.

If you could recall back in May, Microsoft launched Xbox One update that featured discord support, which apparently fans of PS4 have been demanding but looks like it won’t be featured in this upcoming update. Well, demanding improvements from Sony is like, hitting one’s head on the wall. Sony does what it feels, like the crossplay, are they going to change their mind on it or what?

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