Hackers Beware Nintendo Is Here, New 3DS Firmware Update Is A Security Patch

Hacking is one of the biggest problems in the gaming industry, while every company wants to combat the issue, there are only a few who are actually able to. Appears to be that Nintendo is one of them, just recently a new 3DS Firmware Update was released, and it turned out to be a security patch.

What this new 3DS Firmware Update does is, detects all of the pirated games on the console and not only that it actually issues bans as well.

How the system works is use various tactics involved in detecting illegitimate copies of the games, in the console and when it has detected the pirated games, it subsequently issues a ban on Nintendo Network ID, to which the system is attached to.

This is certainly not the first attempt by Nintendo to crack down on hackers, their most loved console Nintendo Switch too has become a victim of it. Actually, when the first hack for Switch landed in, everyone knew new doors have now been opened.

Following that there have been various attempts to hack this console, some successful some not. Like if you would remember when hackers emulated Nintendo 64 and Gamecube Games on Switch, it really struck companies nerve back then.

Following that, they have been trying to stay on top of this hacking situations. Nintendo even started patching some units inside before they hit the market, in order to prevent hacking, let alone security patches. If that does not give you the picture, then swallow this, recently Nintendo filed a lawsuit against two ROM sites for providing pirated game copies.

That said, hacking is something that is inevitable in the gaming industry, while the company perceives it as an illegal issue, for most of the gaming community hacking is a form of art and expression of creativity.

Like when Switch hardware hack allowed users to run alternative launchers or seeing Doom 3 like games on the console is perhaps a big opening. That is if the companies stop seeing them as a form of money making gadgets, then they might be able to counter it in a better middle ground solution, perhaps.

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