Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Event “Days Of Summer” Aimed At Gaining Audience Back, Black Ops 4 Might Cause Trouble

The Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer event just came out on 31 July and is available till 28 August. The event is named “Days of Summer” and it has free features intended to gather the COD gamers in the most recent title of the franchise.

It seems like an attempt to attract players to Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer before Black Ops 4 releases in October. Call of Duty games, in terms of their multiplayer, isn’t as lasting as Battlefield games. Especially, on PC so this could be an attempt to squeeze one last drop of engagement from the game before Black Ops 4.

Days of Summer provides an opportunity for the owners of WW2 to access a whole new bunch of content for Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer gamers. For instance, an all-new map is introduced by the name of “Sandbox”. Players in this map appear toy soldier sized, which will be exclusive for PS4 users. The PC and Xbox availability is not announced yet.

The Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer event also offers free PvP aerial combat. The owners of Call Of Duty WW2 can also get the War Machine DLC pack for free. On top of all that new weapons are also introduced in Days of Summer. A 3-Line Rifle capable of shooting a single lethal bullet from long-range. Additional firearms include the Ribeyrolles Submachine Gun and Automaton Sniper Rifle.

The main hurdle in the success of this Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer event is the hype of Black Ops 4. Black Ops is due in October, later in the year. For the time being the concern for Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer event is the beta of Black Ops 4 most anticipated mode, Blackout. The beta is reported to be massive in size which would divert the attention of players from “Days of Summer”.

Perhaps the timing of this Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer event is a bit patchy. Although their previously released Zombie Mode turned up with some exciting content to make the gameplay more interactive. However, Days of Summer seems more like a desperate attempt for Call of Duty WW2 to do as much as it can to indulge audience in a “silly-themed” Multiplayer mode.