Undertale To Release On Nintendo Switch In September, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Undertale is a very famous and successful indie game created by Toby Fox which is currently available on all platforms including PC, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One except the latest Nintendo Switch. It was announced for Switch in March and it has been now revealed that the game is arriving on September 15, 2018.

The game was already listed by Amazon for a release in September with various screenshots and details about the Japanese version of the game which has turned out to be really true. Though on the other hand, people are still waiting for the western release of the game which can also be on the same date as it aligns with the anniversary date of the game on PC.

There are going to be two different versions of the game, Standard and the Collector’s Edition. Hachinoyon is going to publish the regular version of the game and Fangame Japan is for Collector’s Edition. Collector’s Edition of Undertale includes a soundtrack disc, commentary by Toby Fox, a shiny 14-carat gold coated piece of jewelry, one out of six random collected bookmarks and a cleaning cloth. Collector’s Edition of Undertale is going to cost you approximately 95$ or 9,504 yen.

Despite the success and beautiful visuals of the game, Undertale was met with criticism at launch. At launch, many players praised the characters, storyline and the uniqueness of the game without having to fight a single monster.

Undertale has also won many game of the year awards from publications and Toby Fox looks all ready to release the game on the most popular console currently in Japan that is Nintendo Switch.

Undertale is definitely going to be really fun to play and with the ability of Switch being portable, expect hours of gameplay wherever you are without any limitations.