PUBG Hotfix For Xbox One Lands, Brings Performance Optimizations and Crack Fixes

If performance and stability in PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds have been bothering you, then you are in luck because just recently a PUBG Hotfix has been dropped and it claims to have fixed some minor bugs in the game for Xbox One.

The PUBG Hotfix for Xbox One was scheduled to drop on July 31, 1 am PDT / July 31, 10 am CEST, so apparently, at this moment, it is out there. It has brought in the analog movement, so now players will be able to move at more precise angles. They have also rolled out a short video for you to compare the analog movement improvement.

Next up we have some tweaks instability that includes optimization of physics surrounding wooden fences, the sound issue that also includes, toggling the mute option has been fixed, which was causing the game to crash. Interestingly fixes in the performance sector has brought minor optimization for textures details on Xbox One X, which most us were expecting.

Apart from all that this PUBG Hotfix has also taken care of some minor bugs as well. You can check out the detailed patch notes at the official PUBG forum.

Having said that it seems like PUBG has been stepping it up lately in dealing with the community feedbacks and why shouldn’t they? If your game has a huge fan base, the risk of losing the fans increase, provided if such issues and bugs are not dealt with.

For instance, we all are aware of PUBG’s biggest competitor in the market, Fortnite. Now Although it is not as big as PBUG, it still has a huge fans base and the best part is that is free to play. That is where PUBG loses its grip because it is not free to play. Now recently Fortnite landed on iOS mobile devices and it actually dropped dirt on PUBG’s success, in terms of revenue.

Now Fortnite is aiming for Android devices and we like to think that if it successfully lands on Android without any initial takeoff issues, it will once again be dropping mud on PUBG. Which raises the big question, should PUBG adopt the free-to-play strategy in order to compete with Fortnite?

To be honest it should not, at least not at the moment because the revenue PUBG is able to generate from its sales really helps them stabilize, while in future it surely would need to think of a few strategies.