League of Legends Patch 8.15 – the Noteworthy Buffs and Nerfs, Akali Rework

The start of the month has brought a new patch update, right on time, for the passionate League of Legends community to wrap their heads around. Like always, there is a whole changelog to go through and determine how the new adjustments are going to affect the game.

Posting the official patch notes earlier today, Riot Games pointed out that the changes are mostly focused on balancing outliers. This will likely continue forth until the pre-season arrives for League of Legends in about three months because the mid-season had already brought several significant changes.

Nonetheless, there are still a few noteworthy inclusions in Patch 8.15 that players were either excitedly expecting or desperately hoping for.

The New

Starting with the much-awaited Akali rework. She is craftier than ever, holds a rather high skill curve for players to master, and boasts a new kit that makes her as deadly as a rouge assassin should be. It goes without saying that her mains will have to pray that she is not banned in every ranked game for the coming weeks.

The continuous process to evolve League of Legends to offer more information for players has resulted in a new performance-based stats tab in the client. Players will be able to compare themselves with others to ascertain areas for potential improvements.


Fiddlesticks – Dark Wind (E) now has increased mana cost at early levels and reduced damage per hit at all levels.

The champion enjoyed a short surge in popularity as an unorthodox support champion in the bottom lane due to his annoying poke ability. The changes will ensure that life is a bit easier for opposing players.

Kindred – Wolf’s Frenzy (W) now has reduced bonus attack speed and Lamb’s Respite (R) has an increased cooldown at all levels.

The champion was not intended to become such a dominant jungler. The changes will slow him down for the first few camps and bring his ultimate in line with other champions in the same category.

Morgana – Black Shield (E) now has increased mana cost at all levels and reduced base mana regeneration.

The champion had a bit too much lane consistency in the bottom lane where players did not have to spam her abilities for support. The changes will tone that down and force her mains to rethink the right time to pop a shield.

Quinn – Harrier (P) now has reduced damage at all levels and her base armor has been reduced as well.

The champion currently has one of the highest domination sprees in the top lane, courtesy of her tremendous lane strength against bullies. She gets to keep that but the changes ensure that a hard engage will take her out with ease.

Support Items – Ancient Coin, Relic Shield, and Spellthief’s Edge now have increased starting cost.

The bottom lane was becoming too comfortable for poke champions in League of Legends through consumables. The changes will reduce the starting number of health potions by one and make trading feel more effective than before.


Fizz – Seastone Trident (W) now has increased active base damage with increased on-hit damage ratios and Chum the Waters (R) has increased ability power scaling.

The champion had turned a bit gloomy after recent nerfs. The changes will backtrack to bring him toward betterment.

Olaf – Vicious Strikes (W) now has increased attack speed.

The champion was already doing fine in the right hands but the changes will further strengthen him to clear camps even faster.

Syndra – Dark Sphere (Q) now has increased damage at early levels.

The champion was having a hard time starting out against some opponents. The changes will allow her to have better trades in the early game.

Thresh – Dark Passage (W) now has reduced cooldowns at higher levels and Flay (E) has increased maximum attack damage at early levels.

The champion was deemed worthy of additional power. The changes will give him more opportunities to create plays, while increasing his potential at the start.

Lee Sin – Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike (Q) now has increased attack damage scaling.

The champion was once the prime pick in the jungle before falling off with recent updates. The changes strength the core ability for quicker takedowns, reducing base damage but amplifying the same based on missing health.

Irelia – Ionian Fervor (P) now has increased damage per stack, Bladesurge (Q) has increased range, base attack damage and health have been increased as well.

The champion was proving to be more effective in other lanes than her usual top lane. The changes shift power from her abilities into her basic attacks. However, this also means that Bladesurge (Q) and Defiant Dance (W) will now have slightly reduced damage and attack damage ratios.

Marksman Items – Infinity Edge, Stormrazor, Essence Reaver, and Mercurial Scimitar now have increased damage and reduced build costs.

The lasting complains about lower power spikes in League of Legends have been addressed again. The changes will ensure that players do not feel left out as the match progresses.

Patch 8.15 is already live across all the different realms in League of Legends. Opening the client should begin the update process automatically. The total package is also pretty light and should be done in just a few minutes. Make sure to update the client now so that you can jump directly into the game later on.