Is Bethesda Ready To Reveal More Info About Starfield At Qaukecon 2018?

Starfield came as a surprise at E3 and we hardly did get any information about the game because it’s very early in the development phase. Now as every day passes by we hope to hear more about it but it doesn’t happen but still, there’s a lot of expectations from Bethesda to reveal more about it in the upcoming Quakecon 2018.

Bethesda is going to take the stage at Quakecon by showing the first gameplay of Doom Eternal but it’s pretty obvious that people will keep asking about Starfield and there has to be something in reply by Bethesda.

Interviewers will definitely flood Pete Hines by asking questions about Starfield but there’s a lot in the plate for Pete Hines and we think Starfield is going to be the last to be discussed.

But he’s obviously going to talk about it in general, how it’s such an important project and is in works since a year but going in details? we don’t think so. Pete Hines has already said that we have to be very, very patient about it so it’s very unlikely.

Now for the game and why you should be excited about it? Because it’s the first new IP from Bethesda in 25 years or more which makes it stand out from every other game ever. It’s going be a sci-fi RPG game with a huge expansive world.

Starfield is going to also take the advantage of future hardware as it’s expected to launch on the next-gen Xbox and PS5. It can also compete with future big titles like Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED, now that’s a lot of competition.

We don’t expect to hear much about Starfield at QuakeCon but that won’t stop building the hype for it. Starfield is definitely going to be different and very futuristic which Bethesda seems to handle very well. We are more likely to know more about it in details, not until at least a year and most likely at E3 2019 which is going to be huge just because of Starfield.