There’s A 50/50 Chance Of “Take The L” Celebration Being Included In FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is just a few months away and we never thought we will find something related to Fortnite in a soccer game but it could very well happen.

The dance from Fortnite called “Take The L” has been in the news a lot lately and FIFA fans are desperate to see it in FIFA 19.

This famous dance was seen in the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia and has got extremely popular after being performed by a French player, Antoine Griezmann. It looks like EA Sports is finally in the process to strike a deal with Epic Games to make “Take The L” appear in the upcoming game.

This news came from Sander TT, who’s a reliable source of FIFA. Sander says that the dance will be present in the game if they can take the licensing. There’s a 50/50 chance for it to happen and after the inclusion of the dance in Madden 19, it is almost confirmed to happen.

EA Sports looks all ready to include more celebrations in the game as they have also said that anything we see in the real world, they want to see it in the game too.

Fortnite celebrations won’t be the only new addition to FIFA 19  as EA is finally going to include a technique to avoid time wasters.

Yes, you have the opportunity to tackle and pressurize the opponent team which has not been the case in FIFA games but it’s about to happen.

In FIFA 19 you’ll have the ability to use “Team Pressing” technique which you can use to counter players who waste time by keeping possession after scoring a goal. You can put pressure on the opponent by bringing all of your team forward but there are also some disadvantages.

But the most fun addition as we recently found out in the game is the survival mode which reminds us of FIFA Street. With every goal you score, the players of the leading team will be reduced. It’s definitely going to be a lot of fun and there’s been some time since we got any new FIFA Street game so we can not wait to try it in FIFA 19.

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