Original Xbox HDMI Cable Announced, Hyperkin Pays Homage To The Legacy Once Again

Hyperkin is known to have tributed the consoles in the past and they’ve done it yet again as the release of Original Xbox HDMI cable is confirmed. While the original Xbox console has come of age, users still reminisce about its legacy. However, the price of original Xbox HDMI cable has not yet been announced. The date of the cable’s release has also not yet been decided but it is expected in the concluding months of the year.

The original Xbox HDMI cable would enable the console to output in HD. Although previously the original Xbox was also HD enabled it did so through component cables. The original Xbox HDMI cable from Hyperkin would not only convert from proprietary port to HDMI but the output would now be able to display in 1080i resolution.

Hyperkin has previously also paid tribute to the XBox legacy by introducing their Duke controllers with an OLED display. Later on, they also released neon variants at E3 in an attempt to further expand the Duke controllers.

Microsoft has taken all this with a supportive spirit since Hyperkin’s early ventures. Microsoft even took part in the initiative of providing controllers for the Marines.

However, Hyperkin is not the only one who have taken such steps to introduce accessories and products for the facilitation of users. The edge to Hyperkin’s product is that their original Xbox HDMI cable has better compatibility to support output quality past the standard definition result.

Hyperkin hit the right spot at probably a better time than later as the following of original Xbox is slowly fading away. Nonetheless, Hyperkin is also actively participating in making products for the latest Xbox consoles also. The headsets for Xbox One were a decent addition for such schemes. Even in this latest product for Xbox One Hyperkin was keen on recreating the good-old headset style.

One tribute after another seems to increase the list after every product offered by Hyperkin for Xbox consoles.