No Man’s Sky Save Data Corruption Bug Was Alarming, Hotfix Saves the Day

The latest news regarding No Man’s Sky Save Data Corruption Bug has surfaced and you would be glad to know that a hotfix, has been added in the form of patch 1.52.2 to the game that seemingly fixes this data corruption bug. However for those, whose data has already been corrupted there is little or no hope at the moment, other than some minor ways to get back in the game. Now it seems to be that this bug is sweeping away a lot of fans that were recently regained.

For those who have played No Man’s Sky would agree that this game when rolled out, has had a fair share of criticism. Honestly said, it actually was a disappointment for a lot of fans. With so many issues the game kept on losing its fan base, the game’s existence itself has remained the center of opinion.

You may be familiar with the fact that at one time, the game would have a huge number of concurrent users and the next day its users would radically drop. Such fluctuations were the reason for a lot of things, starting of the game initially lacked a lot of content, then it had a lot of bugs which never got proper attention, until recently.

Hello, Games seemingly took control of the situation or at least what appeared to be the case, they started to deliver game updates to add more content and various patches that tried to fix, those long-time issues like in the previous 1.51 patch for PC. Every one thought No Man’s Sky was making a come back, even the stats went up.

It started to receive positive steam reviews and following that it topped the Steam charts as well. At that same time span, its concurrent users also went significantly up.

However, if there can be a bug that can pretty much make the audience lose interest in a game, it would definitely be a bug similar to that of No Man’s Sky Save Data Corruption Bug. Even though they have provided a hotfix but players losing save data might serve as a reason, for players to lose interest. Especially those whose save is already corrupted and this time it might be permanent.

Would you start again if you lose your save? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.