No Man’s Sky Expeditions Guide – How to Complete

Expeditions are one of the ways that you can earn a lot of money in No Man’s Sky. Not only that, they can also be used to get your hands on some extremely rare materials. Fleet Expeditions are available to you after you get yourself a frigate and this No Man’s Sky Expeditions Guide will tell you all about them.

Our No Man’s Sky Expeditions Guide will tell you all about how you can complete the Expeditions in order to reap the massive rewards that they offer.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions

Once you get yourself a frigate, there are endless opportunities that open up for you to earn money. Of course, it is not instant and requires a lot of time. However, this is one of the best ways to get your hands on materials and cash.

This is the best way to get cash in the end, and something you definitely want to try.

Let us go ahead and look at how to begin your Fleet Expeditions. Everything from the requirements to attempt them and the method for doing them will be mentioned.

How to Complete Expeditions

Before you are able to do these Expeditions, you are going to need a Freighter. Once you have gotten your hands on a Freighter in one way or the other – you can use our No Man’s Sky Freighter Guide.

You can set up your command station inside it. After that, travelling around the galaxies will allow you to get various different frigates. Once you have amassed your fleet, you will be able to send them on various different Expeditions.

Freighter Navigator is a person found inside the Freighter and speaking to him will get you a list of different Expeditions that you can do at any moment in time. There is also a time limit for them along with the distance that frigates travel on it and the difficulty of them.

There are many different types of Expeditions that you can do such as Combat Patrols, Voyages of Discovery, and Balanced Expeditions. There may even be more but these are all that we have discovered so far while playing the game.

Therefore, once you have selected an expedition, you will be able to send your fleet to complete it. After that, there will be a timer for the expedition after which your fleet will return with the cash and the materials. Of course, there is a chance that the expedition fails which will mean that you will lose some of the ships on it and will need to rebuild some of your fleet.

No matter what happens, you will be making a ton of money through these Expeditions. That is all you need to do in order to start generating cash. Think of it like the recent Nightclub that has been added in GTA Online and generates passive income.

Remember that if you send the wrong kind of ships on a specific expedition, there will be consequences. There might be many repairs to do if your trade ships go on a combat expedition. However, it is best to always have a few combat ships on each expedition as you might run into some resistance anyways and they will come in handy.

It is also important to have a fleet which matches the difficulty level of the expedition to avoid taking excessive damage and reduce the chances of failure. Make sure you can at least match the difficulty level if not exceed it. Lastly, you can repair a Freighter by landing on it and assessing the damage report by the commander. Then, head in to repair if you have all of the ingredients required.

That is all we have for our No Man’s Sky Expeditions Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!