Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay Demo Delayed But Ubisoft Can’t Stop Hyping

For those who remember, we were promised a Beyond Good And Evil 2 gameplay demo by Ubisoft. Just recently an official E3 2018 video has surfaced, which had most wondering that this just might be it. Turns out it was not what we expected it to be, however, in the video we came to know that some lucky ones got a special treat at this years E3 event.

These lucky ones included a few from Space Monkeys Program, apparently, they were invited by Ubisoft at the event to check out Beyond Good And Evil 2 private demo behind closed doors.

In the video, we get to see some of the devs from Ubisoft, guys from HitRecord and the members of Space Monkey Program experience the first look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 gameplay.

Everyone was pretty excited about the private demo but little feedback came out of the event so we do not know what exactly did they show.

The next Beyond Good and Evil reportedly features an enormous amount of detail. From what we have heard so far, in terms of gameplay as well as graphics Beyond Good and Evil 2 is proving to be a daunting task for the development team. Ubisoft is doing something different with Beyond Good and Evil. The company is using the community to build the game, collaborating with Hitrecord and others.

As you already know, the scale of Beyond Good And Evil 2 is very immense and magnificent but until we see the game for ourselves, it is best to keep our fingers crossed.

Moreover, we are expecting some form of backlash when the game comes out.

For example, the fundamental ideology of this game is based on the Hindu culture. With so much on the plate, it seems like they just might, only be drawing a silver lining in the game, in terms of Hinduism.

Not be able to properly integrate Hinduism might serve as a form of backlash for the game overall. Perhaps we shall have a more clear vision on the matter when we get to see, Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay demo.

What are your expectations for the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.