New FIFA 19 House Rules Game Mode Spotted, Will Bring 11 Vs 11 Matches

FIFA 19 is just over a month away from launch and a brand new mode for the upcoming game has been spotted. This new mode is FIFA 19 House Rules mode and EA is yet to reveal what this new game mode for FIFA 19 is all about.

Youtuber DTT is the one who spotted the new FIFA 19 House Rules mode. While nothing is known about this new FIFA 19 mode but according to the Youtuber, it likely features 11 vs 11 matches.

Not only that, the Youtuber suggests that the team will lose a player everytime they score and the team that scores the most goals and loses most players will be the one to win.

According to the Youtuber, FIFA 19 House Rules mode will be available for players to play online or offline.

If it is true then it will serve as a breath of fresh air for the FIFA fans who have been getting tired of the same old games modes recycled with every iteration.

However, this game mode isn’t entirely new to FIFA franchise as this game mode was featured in FIFA Street titles. This might indicate that EA Sports is looking to bring a new FIFA Street game and is using FIFA 19 as a test.

Also, if you think the game will be more of the same then you will be able to try out the game before it launches.

EA has confirmed FIFA 19 Trial Version which will be coming on September 20. However, the trial version of the game will only be accessible for EA Access subscribers.

Seems like EA Sports is trying to introduce new game modes to FIFA franchise starting with FIFA 19 House Rules mode to keep things fresh and its players engaged.

FIFA 19 is a soccer simulator in development at EA Sports and is scheduled to launch on September 28, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.