Champions League Brings Franchise First Features To FIFA 19 Career Mode, Coach Customization, Dialogue Wheel And More

Career mode has been part of the FIFA franchise and FIFA 19 will be no different. However, FIFA 19 career mode will be bringing franchise first features with the inclusion of the Champions League to the game.

Speaking with USGamer, creative director Matthew Prior talked about the FIFA 19 career mode how the development team behind the game will be bringing new features with the inclusion of Champions League.

According to Matthew, many of these new features for FIFA 19 career mode will be the franchise first that haven’t been featured in any previous FIFA title.

He added that Career mode in FIFA 19 will be the most authentic one the franchise has ever seen as there will be a lot of changes with the inclusion of Champions League in the upcoming title.

With Champions League becoming part of the FIFA 19 career mode players will have new scenes and event. Not only that, players will be able to customize Coach outfit to prepare him to face interviews with the press.

Furthermore, players will be able to answer questions by choosing from one of the possible answers from the dialogue wheels. It adds more depth to the career mode as this will allow players to deal with interviewers the way they want.

Speaking of FIFA 19, the game is over a month away from launch and new details have been pouring in. While EA hasn’t confirmed it yet but a new game mode, House Rules, has been spotted.

According to the report, this game mode will feature 11 vs 11 matches and with every goal, the team will lose a player. The team that scores the most goals and loses the most players will win.

Also, EA has confirmed FIFA 19 Trial Version which will be coming on September 20. However, the trial version of the game will only be accessible for EA Access subscribers.

FIFA 19 is a soccer simulator in development at EA Sports and is scheduled to launch on September 28, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.