Cryptic Tweet By Call Of Duty’s Development Director Leaves Black Ops 4 Fans Curious

A recent tweet by David Vonderhaar left a big unanswered mystery about Black Ops 4. As soon as the Multiplayer trailer for Black Ops 4 and Blackout Mode got out, Vonderhaar took it to Twitter on 30th July by posting a mysterious piece.

This tweet has since sent Black Ops 4 fans out to decipher it. Many people already tried their luck. For instance, @itsGerth implies the tweet to be related to his Morse code theory:

“Erase That”
The first 5 dots are a Morse Code prosign for “Erase”
– is Morse Code for T , – – = TT if we treat the button as a space
TT is a Morse Code abbreviation for That

It also fits the “Forget What You Know” mindset they’ve been pushing with #BlackOps4

Gerth here thinks that the tweet means to say “Erase That”. To make any sense of it all this guy here says that Vonderhaar is rather indicating towards “forgetting” anything you have known about Black Ops 4 till now, specifically the Blackout mode.

David Vonderhaar has also been dubbed as the unofficial Community Manager of Treyarch. David is known to post details about the Black Ops 4 game on the social network. The noticeable fact about Black OPs 4 is that there hasn’t been a properly whole campaign for it yet.

However, Zombies, Multiplayer, and Blackout have been promoted through developing hype. Another rumor about the decryption of the tweet suggested that rather the Blackout beta will soon be put out from the game in September.

Now that we have everything we want to know about Black Ops 4 it seems like an absurd idea that this rumor is could be anywhere near possible.

After going through the recent trailer released about Black Ops 4 all we can do is speculate like every other person regarding this infamous tweet, as it seems to go over our heads just like anybody else.