Ignorant EA Execs Claim Fans Are Excited About Anthem, Are We Really?

Very recently BioWare‘s chief executive officer, Andrew Wilson, and the executive producer Mark Darrah said that they are very much pleased with the excitement among fans for Anthem. Well, it is an odd statement considering what the community feedback has been since E3.

Which excitement were they referring to? From what we have seen so far and what we know so far, there may be everything else but the excitement.

You can catch the drift of what we mean if you take a look at the comments section of the Anthem‘s gameplay demonstration, as well as platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

One of a Youtube user, who goes by the name “DaGaZ Rune” went as far as to claim that he won’t be touching this game at launch, while another user who goes by the name “United Potatoes” raised quite an interesting point. He said that the game does seem promisingly good but then again, does good really cut it?

One of the bigger concerns that most of the fans seem to have is EA’s track record with such games and the monetization schemes. Here are some comments from the community.

1: Not touching this game at launch. Can’t trust EA to not monetize the hell out of it with Wilson style Loot Boxes. Then there is the whole concern that this may be no better at endgame than the last Mass Effect game or Destiny. It will be interesting to see what YouTube critics have to say about this game a month after Launch.

2: I don’t know guys it looks good but does good cut it nowadays? There are so many good games I tend to buy only the exceptional and this looks like it still doesn’t use all the potential Destiny had.” United Potatoes said.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, there are tons of concerns raised by fans, some are concerned about the difficulty level to be a little too easy, while others are worried about the kind of potential this game has or will have.

So it seems like the chief executive officer and the executive producer are very much pleased are a little disconnected from the community or are just too ignorant.

Moreover, BioWare is very much optimistic about Anthem’s map size, it is probably the biggest map they ever created. However, we haven’t heard much about end games, side missions, collectibles, gear unlocks, weapon types, characters, story, all the things that truly matter.

In any case, Anthem is make or break for BioWare and although EA claims it won’t shut down the studio if the game fails, we don’t see the studio surviving if another flop comes our way.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Let us know what you think in the comments below.