You Can Now Design Your Own Gears Of War 4 Achievement, Drop Your Ideas Now

Gears Of War 4 released almost 2 years ago and since then The Coalition has been adding new achievements to the game. The game currently offers 149 achievements for the players to unlock and it’s not stopping there as the community manager has shared that they are adding more but this time, players will be designing them with design your own achievement feature.

These existing 149 achievements offer a Gamerscore of 3,500 and the team is ready to add 500 more to end it in a nice and clean way at 4,000 Gamerscore. These remaining achievements will be designed by the community itself by bringing fun to the game with a twist.

This design your own achievement contest is taking place in recognition of the 2nd anniversary of Gears Of War 4. A Forum thread is now available for all the players to post their creative ideas and you have a limited time as the thread will be closed on August 7th at 11 am PT. Do keep in mind, the team will only choose the most creative, fun and interesting ideas.

Template for your submission is as follows.

Achievement Requirements: Describe what would unlock the achievement (e.g. 100 kills at Anvil Gate in Campaign Prologue on Insane Difficulty)

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Name: No more than 44 characters (including spaces)

(OPTIONAL) Achievement Description: No more than 100 characters (including spaces) [please make sure that your description is as precise as possible]

There are no rewards for the winner but obviously, you will have your achievement in the game which is enough for any Gears Of War 4 fan. The team also has the rights to make adjustments to your achievements and even combine it with some other.

So what are you waiting for? Drop your ideas on the forum and also share it with us in the comments below before the time runs out.