Spiderman PS4 New Leaked Video Shows Kingpin Boss Battle [Spoiler Alert]

Spiderman PS4 is one of the most anticipated games of 2018 and it’s not like any previous Spiderman games we have seen in the past. It consists of an amazing storyline along with some of our favorite villains. With each Spiderman video, we see a new villain and the latest leaked video shows Kingpin boss battle which everyone has been waiting for.

Wilson Fisk, who is more popularly known as Kingpin is going to be present in the game and the recently leaked video has shown us how tough he is. This leaked video has given us a glimpse of the boss battle against Kingpin.

Kingpin is going to join the evergrowing list of enemies in the game and the leaked video looks like to be taken from the demo of the game. In the video, Spidey is seen fighting against Kingpin and his crew with some flexible and fast-paced combat moves.

Kingpin is all about strength and size. The video shows Spidey being knocked down and Kingpin showing us his powers by charging at him in a kind of free for all.

Kingpin will definitely play some kind of a big role in the game which is why we are going to have a boss battle with him.

In other news, we have heard that Spiderman has gone gold meaning the development is complete and the game is ready to be shipped. If this is true, Insomniac Games have a lot of time to prepare for the first in-game patch. You can also pre-order Spiderman now and get three special suits which are Iron Spider suit, Spider Punk suit, and the final ”Velocity suit”.

Spiderman is going to release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on September 7 and the game will run at 30 FPS on all systems.

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