Release Date Of Stranger Things Season 3 Not Expected Sooner Than 2019

Duffer brothers are delaying the Netflix show till summer 2019. If you can’t seem to wait for Stranger Things Season 3 you’re going to have to hold your horses for the time being. Till next year, you might as well cherish the teaser of Stranger Things Season 3. Executive of Netflix, Cindy Holland told that Stranger Things Season 3 will release in summers next year. She suggested that the Duffer brothers are working tirelessly to make Stranger Things picture-perfect.

If we look at Netflix’s previous release schedules the third season is coming rather later than before. The gap between Stranger Things Season 3 and Season 2 would be at least 18 months. Considering 15 months gap of season 1 and 2 Netflix plan to prolong it this time around. Cindy Holland indicated that Shawn Levy, Executive Producer along with Duffer brothers recognize that the “stakes are high”. Altogether they are committed to bringing us a “bigger and better” installment than season 2.

Netflix would surely look on to raise the bar this time to appeal to more audience and keep the growth charts flying. The second season failed to entice new audience but was also critically applauded by the followers of the series. By putting the Stranger Things Season 3 on hold they might lose grip on the viewers and hence must not delay production or release any further. Seeing the varied comments in reviews to the second season of the show, It’s quite unsure whats cooking under Duffer brothers roof.

We will most likely see characters develop throughout the plot just as Steve Harrington in the latest season.

Besides, the escalating paychecks of the cast imply that suggest that the characters would get as thick as the earnings of actors. What we are certain of is that the story would develop a profound approach in the buildup of Stranger Things Season 3. There is plenty to look forward to following the making of the third season.