[Rumor Mill] Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Uncanny Edition Is In Works

There was a lot of hype for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite but it didn’t manage to be a successful title and many fans were disappointed because of the lack of some big characters like Wolverine and Magneto. It’s very unlikely that Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite will get a re-release but we might really get a new Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Uncanny Edition according to the rumors.

There was no mention of Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite at E3 or Comic-con, it was even missing from the list of games for EVO 2018. This silence from Capcom could also mean that they are working on something new to give another chance to the game and gain the trust of the fans.

Rumors tell us that Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Uncanny Edition is in works and will be released later this year which is quite a possibility as Capcom has done it in the past. The new edition will bring us some new characters which were missing from the original game along with new side stories.

This Uncanny Editon could also mark the return of Wolverine which is an all-time favorite character. Do take this all with a grain of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed.

Another interesting thing to know is that Razer recently announced Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite fight stick which is going to release this summer but why would a company do it this late even after the lack of players. This certainly hints us that it is for the upcoming edition of the game or maybe because they are a big fan of the game.

We are not sure but this new edition could definitely revive the fanbase by having them play with their favorite characters and this way, Capcom could also earn some well-deserved money depending on how long it will be played.

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