10 Locations We Want Far Cry 6 To Take Place In

Far Cry has always been huge on locations, and a big debate before a new game comes out in the series is where it will or where it should be taking place. The 10 locations we want Far Cry 6 to take place in are the locations which would be perfect for the game is not only providing striking visuals but also exciting gameplay.

Far Cry 6 Potential Locations

The 10 locations we want Far Cry 6 to take place In will be both which do have some rumors behind them and those which will probably not be a part of the game but we believe that they should be. Here are the 10 locations that we believe should be perfect for Far Cry 6.

The Amazon

This will be amazing for the game because the jungle is everything that is needed to make a game like Far Cry successful.

The wildlife that exists in the area would add a lot of unpredictability to the game and a monsoon season would be all that is needed to have the players deal with all of the extreme conditions of the jungle. You will need to hunt, be hunted, trudge over lands, and rivers alike as well as climb and hide to survive in the harsh environment.


The land down under would be another place that would suit the game very well. There is everything in Australia from extreme winters to tropical summers.

There is also a lot of wildlife as well as beautiful places for players to revel in as they play the game. Australia is generally an environment that is so huge that any game could fit well in here but Far Cry would be something very special.


While the idea of having Far Cry in modern-day Vietnam might not be that interesting, setting up the game in the era when there was a massive war going on between half of the country with the US would be quite a fun idea.

Not only would the players have to survive all of the harshness of the Jungles but also the Soldiers from both sides. The player could also be working for one of the two factions who are at war and help with the conflict here and there.


Now, this is a place where the series would need to have a much higher focus on survival than it would anywhere else.

The weather in Alaska is so extreme that other humans would not be as big of a threat as the conditions that the game is set in itself. It would be an interesting take on the series and something that we would definitely enjoy playing very much.

Post-Apocalyptic World

This is another area where the game might end up shining. Having to do all that you can do in Far Cry 5 but in a setting where the world has turned on its head would give the developers a lot of creative freedom to specifically tailor the location to the needs of the game without having to worry about authenticity, making a game whose only intention is to have as much enjoyment for the player as possible.


People may be surprised when they first think about the game being set in Outer Space but Far Cry has been known to do many unconventional things, and going to outer space seems like the next step.

Once again, going to outer space would open up many opportunities for developers to experiment with new ideas, not to mention the fact that no gravity would allow many new mechanics to be used in the game.

The Dark Ages

Another idea which would be immensely fun to play. The Dark Ages were some of the worst times in human history, and this means that a game such as Far Cry which has a lot of violence would fit right into those times.

The location could be anywhere in Europe as the entire region was pretty much-devastated form all the destruction during those times, and the Church could also have a meaningful role in the story since they were pretty much a massive political stronghold during that particular phase of the human history.

Far CryZ

Far Cry in a zombie-infested world is also a possibility if you look at a recent survey that was posted by Ubisoft to ask for players’ opinion on where the next game in the series would take place.

Personally, I believe that this particular scenery has already been used beyond reason and it is much better to not beat a dead horse. Almost every modern developer and publisher have released their very own version of the zombie outbreak, and there is no need for Far Cry to delve into that particular category.

Far Cry Underworld

This is a concept that I could get behind. Many developers have not explored vampires when it comes to games. Moreover, the modern setting would be perfect for a Far Cry game which is infused with vampires.

This would push the series to a lot more stealthy approach, as it will not be possible for you to blow your cover as a vampire for the protection of you and your brethren, definitely something that could be the next big step for the franchise.


Yakuza is still a pretty big deal in Japan, and a Far Cry game where either you have to survive in the Japanese urban environment with the members of the Yakuza with you or against you would make for a very fun concept.

Yakuza have been explored a little bit in games but Far Cry would definitely be able to come up with a unique and interesting approach to the infamous Japanese gang.

Those are the 10 locations we want Far Cry 6 to take place in. Let us know where you would like to see the next game in the series take place using the comments section below!