An African Disney Princess Pitch Has Finally Been Acquired

Every Disney princess is referred to in various merchandise be it bags, toys, posters, and whatnot. In addition to that, they instantly become must-have so that we can own them and relate with them. Since long this was an issue for girls of color to relate any Disney princess with them. The main reason behind it all is that each Disney princess seemed to have origins from the white background. Disney has attempted to act on this matter by introducing colored characters such as Moana and Tiana. Still, the search for a Disney princess with true roots from the African origin was in pursuit.

Finally, we are getting a pure African fairytale after Sade has been picked for the next colored Disney princess. Disney just gave Sade the green signal for production of a live-action film. In this film, we will see a warrior princess inside African bounds naturally protecting her home. The Disney princess will be seen using her magical powers to fight against evil. The prince of the kingdom, however, would serve as her sidekick. A customary pet will appear as the chum of the African princess as all princesses are known to have one.

The Disney princess was written by Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer which would be Disney’s first African female lead. Rick Famuyiwa, the Dope Director is reported to be producing Sade. The project team is believed to be headed by the Executive Vice President Producer at Disney, Tendo Nagenda. Nagenda was behind the Queen Of Katwe and now hopes to bring the Disney princess to the big screen.

Disney has made a progressive decision to introduce further diversity in their characters roster. To end with, this character is destined to entice attention from all over the world. Perhaps, Sony might also follow in Disney’s step to feature Sade among the rest of the princesses in LittleBigPlanet.