Quantic Dream Lawsuit Ends With Victory For Employee Over Toxic Work Culture

A Quantic Dream lawsuit that began back in April has finally come to an end in a victory for the plaintiff over allegations of a toxic work environment in the studio. Quantic Dream is the studio led by David Cage who developed Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.

The lawsuit alleged that there were a number of behaviors going on in the Quantic Dream work culture, mainly targeted humiliation through Photoshop that were circulated around the studio in order to belittle and harass certain unpopular employees. Along with that, accusations were also leveled at David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière of inappropriate behavior, overworking staff, and ignoring sexist and racist jokes being passed around employees.

Multiple David Cage games have received a great deal of criticism in the past for the way the game treats women, such as in Heavy Rain where playable character Madison has multiple DLCs centered around her searching for clues on the Origami Killer, which results in her repeatedly being drugged, tied up, and attacked.

Rumors also circulated in the past of David Cage having a photo album of various pictures of Ellen Page, who played the role of central character Jodie in Beyond Two Souls, who also gets into a number of bad situations involving men wanting to attack her.

The Quantic Dream lawsuit mainly focused around a French work law known as prise d’acte, a law where employees who feel that they are being victimized can voluntarily resign, but leaves the circumstances of their quitting in the hands of an independent labor court.

This process is often used to highlight injustices in the workplace. While those who decide to go for prise d’acte forfeit employment rights and salary, they can still get severance if the court finds in their favor.

This is the first time that the labor court has found in favor of an employee of Quantic Dream after several others had previously brought suits forward, but hopefully this Quantic Dream lawsuit will force some changes to be made at the studio.