HTC Vive Blog Post Claims VR Is Still Going Strong Despite Lack Of Sales Numbers

An HTC Vive blog post was recently posted by the company in response to former allegations that VR gaming was now dying, saying that the company had a bright future ahead of it. However, HTC didn’t post any sales numbers of its headset, casting some doubt on its own statement.

The spat was started when it was revealed that all four different major virtual reality settings: the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Playstation VR, and the Samsung Gear VR, have seen their sales fall dramatically despite a strong opening.

While many people did buy VR headsets and their corresponding games earlier this year, there’s a lot of reasons that could be said for why the medium seems to be dying down fairly quickly. All of the different virtual reality headsets, from the Samsung Gear to the Playstation VR, are all quite expensive, especially for what is essentially a peripheral. For instance, the Playstation VR costs $399, around the price of an actual Playstation 4.

Along with that, there also haven’t been very many high-profile virtual reality games ever since the medium began to be popular. While there are a number of proof of concept demos and a few small virtual reality games out on the market, they are few and far between and most of them don’t really have any true potential to be more than a temporary fad. Even the Fallout 4 and Doom VR games haven’t gotten much press since being announced.

While there have been a lot of reports of how the various different VR headsets are not selling well nowadays, the HTC Vive blog post had its own explanation, that the HTC Vive sales had dropped off because the headset had sold out. However, that same blog post didn’t give out sales figures, which also puts a bit of doubt on HTC’s own sales figures for the Vive.

Either way, whether VR will make a resurgence or die a slow and quiet death remains to be seen.