Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Year 5 To Add Diagon Alley?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first Harry Potter mobile game to come on Android and iOS devices which released a few months back and was received very well. Players seem to be enjoying Hogwarts Mystery a lot and Jam City is keeping its promise by giving us new content. A lot of new locations have been added and it appears the latest one to be added is Diagon Alley.

Every year in the game has brought us some new locations like Year 2 brought us a new area of the castle followed by Hogsmeade in Year 3 and Forbidden Forest in Year 4. Year 4 is coming to an end and there have been a lot of guessing and wondering what the new area might be but a recent hint from the game tells us that it’s finally going to the Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley is one of the first areas you discover while playing the game in the beginning and you might have already explored it but you can’t go back to it once you progressed further but maybe now you will able to. It’s the area where you meet your friend Rowan Khanna.

The latest update of the game has added a locked option to travel to Diagon Alley and as seen previously, these locked areas do get unlocked when the next year starts so we have some high hopes.

We hope Jam City stick to their roadmap and reveal the new areas accordingly. It’s also possible that we might be able to visit Diagon Alley even before the start of the next year but that’s more unlikely to happen.

Year 5 will bring us a lot of new content and some recent leaks tell us a lot of new characters are coming and players will be also able to transform into an Animagus.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is now available to play on iOS and Android devices and do check out our beginners guide if you just started playing.