You Have a Chance To Be In Wonder Woman 1984 If You Are Charitable Enough

Gal Gadot in collaboration with Director of Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins through a celebrity charity website called Omaze wants one of her fans to be cast in the DC action film. Gal Gadot called out to her fans to donate on the charity website for a noble cause. Fans in return could get to meet Gal on sets of Wonder Woman 1984 in London through a lucky draw. The more the donations will be by a fan chance of being the prize winner will be higher.

Official statement of the prize on the charity website says:

While the plot of Wonder Woman 1984 is cloaked in secrecy, we know two things. One: It’s set in the Cold War, Big Hair decade that was the 1980s. And two: You’re going to be in it! You and a friend will fly in a not-so-invisible jet to the top-secret set in London. And who will be there to greet you? None other than Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, and the film’s visionary director, Patty Jenkins! You’ll ask these goddesses all your burning questions, get glammed up in ‘80s hair and makeup, then step in front of the camera to film as an extra (with your friend cheering you on!). Wonderful is an understatement. This is going to straight up kick ass. Flights and hotel included.

The cause behind the charity is in support of the Anti-Redicivism Coalition, which has beyond 450 members. Unity for a fair and devoted criminal justice system saw numerous volunteer advisors and associates join in.

The chances of being in the Wonder Woman 1984 even as an extra would be a remarkable thing for any DC fan. A key reminder to increase the odds of selection is more donations, other awesome prizes include autographed pictures, Blu-Rays, and the script for Wonder Woman 1984. To enter the lucky draw simply go ahead and donate on the Omaze website.

Source: Omaze