PUBG Custom Server Paywall Is Needed To Maintain The Feature Says Greene

While players have now gotten the option to be able to create their own PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds servers so that they and their friends can play by themselves, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. A PUBG custom server paywall is also in effect for that luxury, unfortunately for fans.

Brendan Greene, the person who created the Battlegrounds genre to begin with as part of an ARMA 3 mod, gave his own two cents on the backlash that came towards Bluehole for implementing the paywall in the first place, and his explanation is a fairly reasonable one: that without asking for money for each custom server, Bluehole wouldn’t be able to support the mechanic.

Of course, that still means that if you want to play against a certain group of people instead of ninety-nine randoms then you’re going to have to fork over some cash. While this is good for larger companies with big fanbases, it’s not so good for an individual person who wants to have a night of play with their friends, if they can find a hundred others to do it with.

Having the money to get through the PUBG custom server paywall allows players to be able to do anything that they want with a server, implementing their own rules, favorite weapons, how fast the circle closes in, and how many players can be on a team. For instance, a player could even implement War Mode, a mode that allows two teams of 50 players each, if they have enough money.

It’s hard to tell what sort of effect this will have on the game itself; PUBG has already been losing large numbers of players due to technical issues, a perceived lack of action against cheaters, and a slow update schedule, and has since been passed by Fortnite in terms of players.

Hopefully the company can get past the PUBG custom server paywall to put out new stuff that will attract old players, but there’s no telling yet.