No Man’s Sky Topped The Steam Charts Once Again, Still In Top 10

It will sound weird that No Man’s Sky is back in the news after releasing in the year of 2016. It was considered a flop soon after the launch due to the false marketing and lack of multiplayer but looks like Hello Games have risen from the dead as No Man’s Sky topped the Steam charts once again.

You read that right, No Man’s Sky came back on top on Steam recently, thanks to the Next update. Next update did bring a lot of positive reviews about the game after such a long time. This new update brought back a set of new features and the multiplayer mode which was announced to be included in the game at launch but we are glad that it has happened now.

84% of the reviews of this month for No Man’s Sky are positive reviews before which we had some mixed reviews of the game but finally, the positivity has taken over. The latest and biggest update did prove to be the reason for all of this response from the community.

The new ratings of the game have shifted from being the mostly negative to mixed and now it’s on its way to mostly positive if Hello Games keep working hard to win the trust back.

The change was also recognised by the lead developer of Hello Games, Sean Murray who Tweeted saying “we mixed now bois” which also gained a lot of attention and there were many replies to it.

A lot of newcomers are trying out No Man’s Sky now and enjoying it, though on the other side many have returned to witness what has changed and they are definitely having a good time now.

No Man’s Sky is now also available on Xbox One and the new update allows you to play with your friends for the first time and share your creativity.

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Source: Steam