Intel Coffee Lake 8 Core CPUs And H310 Chipset Compatibility Confirmed, Non-K Series SKUs Also Coming Out

Intel Coffee Lake 8 Core CPUs have been rumored for a while now and we have been getting leaks and mentions here and there but it seems that ASRock has not only confirmed that they are coming out but have also confirmed that they will also work with the H310 chipset. This is great news for people that already have these motherboards and are looking to upgrade to 8 cores.

The H series motherboards are mid-range and entry-level motherboards and they do not support overclocking so why get a motherboard that does not support overclocking with a CPU with an unlocked multiplier? That is a very good question indeed.

Intel Coffee Lake

There can only be one answer that I can think of. Intel is going to release a non-K series Intel Coffee Lake CPU with 8 cores and a locked processor. This makes sense otherwise giving H300 series 8 core support would be poor value for money. This is also valid, keeping in mind that OEMs like Dell and HP use locked chips in their pre-built systems and these kinds of systems use cheaper motherboards.

I think this is a good move and people that want additional cores will be able to get a cheaper CPU motherboard combo. I myself need more cores but I have never gone into overclocking. I am pretty sure that there are plenty of people like me that are not enthusiastic enough to look into overclocking but do need multiple cores for faster rendering and multitasking.

As of right now, there is little that we know about the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake series of CPUs but what we do know is that it is possible that the upcoming series will also feature i9 CPUs that will also feature 8 cores but will come with a higher clock speed. There will be i7 variants that also have 8 cores but the clock speeds will be lower as compared to the i9 CPUs.

Intel has been having issues with the 10nm process but the company has not confirmed that the 10nm process based chips will be ready by H2 2019. That is something to look forward to. As of right now the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake 8 core CPUs will be based on the 14nm++ process. While the 14nm process has been around for a while now, it can be improved and it will be interesting to see how well these chips will be able to compete with the AMD Ryzen 7 series that offer 8 cores and 16 threads.

let us know what you think about the Intel Coffee Lake 8 core CPUs and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these chips when the come out later this year.