Huge EVE Online Battle Could Be The Start Of A Massive War

Normally, the only time EVE Online makes news is when some of its player-run corporations end up going to war with one another, and it’s happened again. A huge EVE Online battle has taken place, which might just be the start of a war between two of the game’s corporations.

EVE Online is a space sim sandbox in one of the purest senses of the word, allowing players to form massive corporations that can own planets and space stations and entire fleets of ships, and control billions, possibly trillions of units of in-game currency, known as isk.

In this case, the huge EVE Online battle that took place was a battle at a system known as UALX-3, in a battle that involved around 3,500 players, each one of them with their own ships, which would make two huge fleets blasting away at one another. The battle centered around a particular player-built space station known as a Keepstar, one of the largest constructible types of space stations that were added to the game in the Citadel expansion.

This massive battle is likely only the start of an equally massive war that might promise even more massive battles in the future. competition between various corporations in EVE Online is fierce, and there have been multiple brawls like this in the game’s past. With the sheer power not only of a fleet in EVE Online but also of the various ship types like Supercapital ships and Titans by themselves, the total damages of the battle in terms of in-game currency, including lost ships and the destroyed Keepstar, are likely billions of isk.

While the internal politics of EVE Online are likely almost impenetrable for most people, the huge EVE Online banner can be found at least in part on YouTube, especially on the North Eden News channel, which reports on stuff that happens in the game world. You can see part of the huge EVE Online battle in the video above.