Season 5 Fortnite Week 3 Challenges – How To Complete

Fortnite Week 3 Challenges are now available for all players, giving them access to more Battle Pass tiers and rewards. Here’s how to complete this week’s challenges on the famous battle royale title, step by step.

First of all, we have the classic – non-guide – Fortnite Week 3 Challenges, asking from you to use specific items, deal a number of damage to enemies and so on. There’s no need for further guidance on that ones, so instead, we’re giving you a list of those, for easy access while you play:

  • Deal 500 damage to opponents in a single match – 5 Stars
  • Use a launchpad – 5 Stars
  • Search 5 Chests in Fatal Fields – 5 Stars
  • Eliminate 5 opponents at Haunted Hills – 10 Stars
  • 3 Explosive weapons eliminations – 10 Stars

If you are more interested in completing your Fortnite Week 3 Challenges that getting that win royale then you should consider filling in some 50v50 matches, which give you more time and freedom to explore and complete a few quests. Let’s move on to the trickier ones:

Shoot a clay pigeon at 5 different locations – 5 Stars

As many different sources have already pointed out, there are 6 known locations where you can find the clay disc machines. After finding one, you just have to activate them and successfully hit one of the discs shot. Here are the locations:

  • Paradise Palms: You can find the exact spot at the small camp on the southern tip of the map
  • Loot Lake: Find this one at the spot where two chairs are facing the lake on the right side of the location. This one is not hard to miss
  • Between Flush Factory and Shifty Shafts: Another campsite, featuring almost the same features as the previous one, located at the left end between the two locations
  • Pleasant Park: Just head all the way left from the hill next to the PLEASANT PARK name on the map and you’ll find another camp and another disc machine
  • Lonely Lodge: located just above the location area and before you reach the hills, you’ll find another camp and the machine beside it.
  • Lazy Links: This location is at the right side of the bridge on the left of the Lazy Links area. Move upwards (on the cliff, not shore) and you’ll bump into the last campsite and clay pigeon machine.

Here are all the locations on the map, as reported by TMARTN2:

How to Follow the Flush Factory Treasure Map

Now, for the treasure hunt. You’ll have to follow the map found in Flush Factory, leading you all the way up to a hill left of Fatal Fields. Go up the hill and as you approach the house, stepping on the grass, you’ll see the star sign glowing on the dirt patch as you reach the end of it. Here’s a map location by MacsMacs:

This sums up the Fortnite Week 3 Challenges guide. If you want assistance on previous weeks as well check our previous guides for week 1 and week 2.