Abandoned Rainbow Six Patriots Game Discussed During A Ghost Recon Wildlands Mission

The new update for the Ghost Recon Wildlands that recently dropped in seems to have brought, quite a lot of stuff but something that has instantly caught everyone’s attention is the mention, of the Abandoned Rainbow Six Patriots Game during a Ghost Recon Wildlands Mission conversation.

As you may know that the new update features a crossover mission with Rainbow Six Siege, in which a small interagency cooperation mission is included. Now during that mission, in a casual conversation, while traveling in the car to a destination, two of the characters start talking about missions that went sideways, and suddenly out of nowhere, they start talking about the Abandoned Rainbow Six Patriots Game referring to it as a form of mission, that went south.

If you could recall Rainbow Six Patriots, was announced back in 2011, however, due to some reasons it got canceled in 2013 and instead of it, Rainbow Six Siege was introduced. According to the devs, they really wanted to focus on the multiplayer and through that sustainability for the long term.

Now what is interesting is the fact that the same game that got canceled, has now been discussed in conversation during a Ghost Recon Wildlands Mission.

With all that said, although we got a confirmation on the operation patriots, upon asking what happened with the mission, the female Rainbow character instantly snubs the conversation, and very strangely shuts down by saying.

“Patriots is very classified”

The mention of patriots mission has got fans thinking, why would they even mention the abandoned game at this point in time. Was it a form of a tease? It possibly could be but then again it could just be a simple reference, to make things interesting.

Be that as it may, did you know that the devs are very much concerned about the in-game profanity, used by the players and in order to control it, they have been handing out instant bans to players who use slurs.

So better to be safe than sorry. That said what are your thoughts on the Patriot game being mentioned in the Ghost Recon Wildlands Mission? Let us know in the comments below.