Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft Will Use a Popular Max Payne Feature

Shadow of the Tomb Raider allows Lara Croft to create herbal remedies to boost her senses. According to Heath Smith, Lead Game Designer, she can boost her focus by using herbs to slow down time while aiming. This will allow Lara to aim more effectively and target limbs for more damage. Headshots made easy?

This is part of her being in the jungle, a setting that would bring out the true predator within Lara. There are many other skills and perks Lara can use to hunt her enemies. The environment plays a big role in defining what skills and abilities she would have, said Smith.

One of the major reasons we chose the jungle as a setting was in order to help us complete Lara’s skillset. This is the third game of the trilogy, the conclusion of her origin story so we wanted to make sure we dropped her into a location where she had to learn new abilities. It influences her traversal mechanics – South America is full of deep caverns for spelunking and underwater exploration.

The setting will impact on her approach to combat and since we are in the jungle, stealth plays a major role. Lara is outnumbered and outgunned so “she has to become the ultimate predator.” Lara will learn to blend in the jungle using mud on her body and “true guerilla strike and disappear tactics.”

It also majorly influences her approach to combat – Lara realizes very early on that, outnumbered and outgunned, she has to become the ultimate predator – one with the jungle – to survive. Using the environment like covering herself in mud as camouflage and blending with jungle foliage are just two examples. The dense jungle now also enables Lara to return to stealth by disappearing into the environment, allowing players to employ true guerilla
strike and disappear tactics. In addition, Lara will utilize her knowledge of the plant and critter life of the Amazon to be more pro-active with herbal remedies – like enhanced focus that slows down time when aiming.

Enhanced focused is a popular feature from Max Payne and a few other games. It would be interesting to see how they plan to balance it in gameplay. What’s interesting here is how the developers are using independent difficult levels for gameplay and puzzles. This will give the player more room to customize their experience.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is releasing September 14, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The title has gone gold, according to Eidos Montreal.