PS Vita Games Hit Top Completion Records in 2018

Across the gaming community, a specific set of players in Japan seem determined to keep the legacy of PS Vita games alive. Although handheld gaming system is facing a decreasing trend, completionists are committed to easy indie games. As the era of handheld consoles appears to dim out the gaming enthusiasts have acknowledged the potential of easy trophy collection via top PS Vita games. They seem to be making the most out of it in the indie category.

A Study from TrueTrophies showed some fascinating facts about Vita’s lifetime. The report exhibits results dating from back when PS Vita was released in 2012. The graphs in the reports display that average total completion time of handheld games has fallen drastically. However, the completion percentage of Vita games has increased positively. The study account for each year’s 50 best PS Vita games and are grounded on the general player count.

A major contributor in this result is the short indie games which have easy gameplay and end-game. That’s why completionists focus on newer games in the similar genre. Another fact is that ten best Vita games released in prior years have mostly been indie games. PS Vita games from the year of console’s release with this year are compared. Top 3 PS Vita games of 2018 are Little Adventure on the Prairie, Midnight Deluxe, and Inksplosion. Whereas the release year’s top3 were Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Hence this study suggests that though releases for PS Vita games keep decreasing by the day but developing such trophy giving indie games could account for successful endeavors. As for the glory hunting completionist fraternity, the craving for trophies is easily met by through these indie PS Vita games, which could let PS Vita systems to hold on for dear life just for a little more time.

Source: TrueTrophies