FIFA 19 Switch Version Will Have Special Features Especially For The Port

EA Games has said that the FIFA 19 Switch version will be coming with a number of special features, and not a carbon copy of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One version. This is similar to the previous version of FIFA that came out last year, the Nintendo Switch’s first FIFA game.

That game was ported to the Nintendo Switch several months after it released, but it was missing a number of different modes such as the game’s story mode, The Journey. It did, however, get a new mode called Local Seasons which allowed two different Nintendo Switch consoles to connect and have their owners play to a best of five matches.

The FIFA 19 Switch version won’t be running on the Frostbite version like the other versions of the game as it’s not possible for the console to run that engine, and the game will also be getting a number of new features that haven’t been in previous FIFA installments.

One of the new features that’s going to be coming to FIFA 19 includes a thing called 50/50 battles, where in order for a player to get a ball that a player isn’t already dribbling, two players from opposite teams will have to fight for it.

We don’t specifically know what features will be taken out or added to the game when it gets to the Nintendo Switch, but hopefully it will be just as good as the other versions of FIFA 19 when it releases, though we don’t know when the FIFA 19 Switch version will come out.

While it’s likely that this particular version of the game will likely come out at the same time as the other versions of FIFA 19, especially given that it’s not being developed in a rush so that the Switch can have another game like FIFA 18, so we’ll just have to wait until September 28 to find out what all will be on the FIFA 19 Switch version.