Leaked FIFA 19 Gameplay Reveals Cleaner Menus, New Kick-off Options And More

10 minutes of FIFA 19 gameplay has been leaked online and there are small changes here and there but the upcoming game is pretty much the same as the last one and if you only looked at the gameplay you would hardly be able to tell the two games apart. The new menus differentiate the two games as FIFA 19 has cleaner menus.

Other than the new menus, the FIFA 19 gameplay video also shows new options for kick-off including house rules, best of series and advantage settings. So, there will be plenty of options for the kick-off when you play FIFA 19 but if you already have the previous game then you might not feel the need to get the new game, especially if you were looking forward to better graphics or groundbreaking features.

The gameplay footage shows that you can choose between the Champions League or Europa League. FIFA 19 has the official license for both so you will be getting all the brandings that you expect in the cinematic scenes. The footage also shows the new tactics system.

Talking about the differences as compared to the previous game, there are a few new animations but you will need to really look hard in order to see the difference. On the minimap players on the different teams are represented by circles and triangles.

There is a new touch system that allows you to move the ball into the air with your first touch. This will ready you for a volley. This does not depend on which part of the body the ball hit, as long as it’s not your hand of course.

We have also learned that the Nintendo Switch version will have some features that will be exclusive to the console. FIFA 19 lighting is something that players will appreciate and small improvements have been made in order to make to make scoring a goal feel better. You will be able to score more stylishly and more accurately than before. For more news regarding the upcoming game stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Let us know what you think about the leaked FIFA 19 gameplay and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.