Here Are Some New FIFA 19 Features You Might Have Missed

As you may already know that FIFA 19 is slated for September 28, 2018, which means that we are just a few months away, from seeing the actual game in play. There is so much excitement among FIFA 19 Fans that they just can’t seem to control it, and are eager to lay their hands on, any ounce of news related to the game. Having said that there actually are few fans, who recently took to their Twitter accounts and gave away a lot of interesting news regarding the upcoming FIFA 19.

Very recently Lucas Pezzatti a die heart fan of FIFA, has rolled out quite a lot of interesting news, which includes news about animations to novelties in the gameplay, to scanning of players. Apparently, he was not the only among FIFA 19 Fans, there also have been others as well.

Other Twitter accounts from which various news have surfaced are, Arte Virtual FC, HAS FOOTBALL, FIFA TRADE BRASIL, Matheus Gamer, Vincent Nan and Hype of Boleiros. With that said bear in mind that some of the news, might not be much of a surprise since they seem to have already surfaced.

Now coming to the game, seems like Champions League and Europa League have been incorporated into the kick-off screen, apart from that textures of the stadiums specifically, seem to have been enhanced and looking at the images posted, they look really amazing.

Talking about the enhanced textures, the new lighting effects seem to be very decent which you can certainly check out, in the several new game images that are a part of the news. One of the most interesting thing in FIFA 19 is that now there are new and better ways of finishing a goal, more style, and more accuracy.

Adding to that videos will be featured in the game that will highlight, how dynamic tactics will work. Prezzatti posted new images of tactical possibilities as well. Furthermore, Ceará Sporting Club shall be included in FIFA 19 with their official shields and uniforms, however, the players will be generic.

One of the most humorously interesting thing, is the additions of technicians, on the edge of the lawn. So now players can feel motivated as well.

Apart from all that have you heard about the new camera, for the goal shot? Yes, there is now a new angle which really makes it easy, for you to see the players on your team.

With all that said, by now you must already know that Chinese League will also be included in the game and also, if you have not had the chance to check out how Ronaldo will look like in the game, then you certainly can because some of the official images have been released.

That said, there has been so much hype among FIFA 19 Fans lately and why not? The game surely seems promising.

So are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comments below.