Five Potential Characters That Could Be Ellie’s AI Companion In The Last of Us 2

We have seen enough of The Last of Us 2 to know that this time around, there will not be Joel accompanying Ellie on her journey. Maybe we will catch glimpses of him but he will not be around forever, so this leaves room for a different permanent AI ally. We speculate and take a look at some of the potential NPC companion for Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2.

5 Potential AI Partners for Ellie in The Last of Us 2

First, let us get Joel out of the way. Sure, he will play some role in the game’s narrative but he definitely will not be following Ellie or guiding her. In the first game, it made sense because of the whole upbringing situation of Ellie and Joel acting as the father figure.

Now, Ellie is fully mature, she knows the ways of the world; she sees the threat as an opportunity to get better at survival. Why would Joel even accompany Ellie?

Even the Game Director, Neil Druckmann, says that Ellie is the only playable character in the game and the whole story revolves around her and how she copes with both the human and infected enemy threats. You what would make sense as a companion for Ellie? An animal, perhaps a dog.

Year of the Dog

The main evidence supporting this claim is the tweet posted by Neil Druckmann himself who shared a picture of a dog in a motion-capture suit. This post coincided with the development of Last of Us Part II. You can check it out below:

Moreover, being a non-playable companion character, it would make sense if it were someone or something that does not have such a pivotal role in the game itself. Lacking characteristics of a real human being, a dog would be rather a perfect fit for a mobile companion for Ellie. This is our best bet, but it would not hurt if we speculated about human companions as well

Trustworthy Humans

In the E3 2018 trailer shown off at Sony’s conference, we got a look at some of the new characters in the game. Firstly, we met an Asian-American dude named Jesse who is heard telling Ellie something about a patrol which involved Joel ‘The old man’.

Since he’s not afraid to venture out and admits to having been involved with Joel and his group, maybe he’s been given some sort of responsibility by Joel to keep tabs on Ellie. We also get to know that he is friends with Ellie and is the ex-boyfriend of a girl both Ellie and Jesse see dancing.

Dina has had a break up with Jesse and now dancing with another partner before she draws Ellie closer and shares a moment of affection. Maybe we will have her as the partner on the journey because honestly speaking it has a lot of emotional and heart-breaking story potential.

Only time will tell though, hopefully, we will have more info you guys as we near the release of the game, the date for which is still up in the air.

Who do you think will be one of Ellie’s companions in The Last of Us 2? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!