Dying Light 2 Map Size Revealed, More Area, More Zombies

If there is something that most of the gamers love, it’s taking on deadliest of the zombies and what better game than Dying Light. Its second sequel got a subtle touchdown at E3 2018 and since then, there has been a wave of excitement among fans.

With the various details that have been rolling out from time to time, the hype only seems to grow and now, the most interesting detail yet has recently surfaced. Turns out the Dying Light 2 Map Size is way bigger than the original game.

Dying Light 2 Map Size has been revealed and you would be happy to know that apparently, its size is four times to that of the original game. So with such a large map size, you can expect to get a lot from the huge city and certainly a lot more versatile zombies.

We all are aware of the large anticipation for the game, it is one of the bigger productions by Techland’s and not only in physical terms but in terms of innovation as well.

Now with such a large city, the first question that pops up is the stamina. Will the stamina system be the same as that of the original game? Well adding to your excitement and reducing the anxiety, you can rest assured that the Stamina management will be way different than the first game.

According to the lead designer of Dying Light 2, the stamina system will be upgradable and certainly not work as a negative factor, during the city traversal making the exploration easy for you.

Having said that this does not mean that Stamina would make it easy for you, you would have to smartly utilize the Stamina, especially in chase sequences.

Moreover, the player would have plenty of time to explore the game thanks to its massive duration. However, it will vary on your choices and playstyle.

So all this adds to the enhanced gaming experience that we can expect in the game. Be that as it may, what are your thoughts about the large the Dying Light 2 Map Size? Let us know in the comments below.