Devil May Cry 5: Nero’s New Look Explained, Dante Getting A Make Over, Ninja Theory Inspiration

Devil May Cry 5 is the next game in the franchise and there are a couple of new details that you might be interested in. Nero’s new look has been explained. Dante might be getting a few changes of his own. Ninja theory has been acknowledged by Hideaki Itsuno-san. If you are interested in learning about all this then read on.

Capcom’s producer Matt Walker talked about how Dante looked at the end of the announcement trailer and he admitted that the hair was a bit too much for riding a bike. He hinted that Dante could be getting a makeover in the game. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Unfortunately we can’t reveal too much about Dante yet, but I’m confident that you’ll be happy with how he turns out in DMC5. His hair may be impractical for motorcycle riding in that particular scene, but he might just wise up and do something to make that motorcycle riding more manageable.

While that is not too much information to go on, what we can take from this is that it is possible that the look we saw in the trailer is not the look that we will get getting in the game. Other than that, new reports suggest that the game will focus on Nero. The missions will be like what we have already seen in the previous games but there are small changes that have been made.

Devil May Cry 5

Talking about Nero, the short hair and the new look is supposed to show the demon hunter at his prime and that is why the team behind the game has gone with the look that we have seen in the trailer. We have also learned that the team behind the game has a lot of love and respect for DmC, the game made by Ninja Theory. Walker had the following to say in this regard:

Itsuno-san has stressed several times in conversations with me that he’s taken what he’s learned from working on DmC and applied what he’s learned specifically to what we’ve done on Devil May Cry 5,

So what we can take from this is that there can be part of the game that is influenced by Ninja Theory’s DmC. We also have some new information regarding the new character that is also playable. We also know that the story will be an emotional one. For more news regarding Devil May Cry 5, stay tuned to SegmentNext.

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