Metal Gear Solid 5 Update Released A Year After The Last One, Lets You Play As Quiet

It’s official, a new Metal Gear Solid 5 update has just entered the building, one year after its last one. Since Konami isn’t active in game development anymore, it doesn’t seem strange that they are working on Metal Gear Solid again, however, it surprises us. The update will let you play as Quiet in the FOB missions, tweak the difficulty of event FOB missions and new weapons.

Fans wanted to play as Quiet since the release of the game and they’ll be finally able to do it with the new unexpected Metal Gear Solid 5 update. The use of Quiet isn’t only aesthetic as well since she comes with her own set of skills. Along Ocelote, you have the chance to play as Raiden as well, this time through a dedicated mod.

Apart from her expertise in sniper rifles, Quiet is equipped with the ability to jump high enough to cross stories and move fast on enemy motherbases. Furthermore, she can dash and even has a stealth mechanic when she stands still long enough.

Is Quiet too overpowered for the Metal Gear Solid multiplayer FOB missions? We’ll know as soon as we get to try her for ourselves. We already knew that she is a tougher enemy than possibly anything in the game, so it makes sense for now.

Additionally, the new Metal Gear Solid 5 update will let players choose the difficulty of the event FOB missions they want to partake in. Event FOB missions are played against AI so there’s no need to worry about player retaliation and you can go nuts with grabbing resource from the plundered motherbase.

Last but not least, new weapons will make their way to the game with the new Metal Gear Solid update. Two sniper rifles, a dark matter generator, and an energy wall shield will be added as actively in development items to be used exclusively in FOB missions.

You can check the full patch notes on Konami’s website.