New Xbox Scarlet Details Reveal How Streaming Will Work Locally

The Xbox Scarlet is the upcoming next-generation device that Microsoft is working on right now. Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed at E3 2018, that the team was working on architecuturing the upcoming Xbox devices and here we have some further information regarding what we could be getting when the Xbox Scarlet is released.

Reports claim that there will not be one Xbox Scarlet console but two. It was also interesting that Phil Spencer used the word consoles, in plural and not singular. While that had us suspicious regarding whether there would be more than one Xbox Scarlet device, this new information strengthens that speculation.

While there will be a traditional console for those that want to have the hardware available locally. New information suggests that there will be an additional streaming device that will allow you to stream games without having the full-fledged Xbox Scarlet console. Sources are calling this service Scarlett Cloud.

At an all-employee meeting back in 2013, Microsoft did demo a similar service and we have been waiting for it to come out ever since. Now could be the time that we get the feature as fast internet is common as compared to before and by the time the Xbox Scarlet consoles come out, 5G technology will be out. That should help in streaming anywhere, any time.

While we will be getting a traditional console there will also be a lower-powered device, that will also be shipping with the Xbox Scarlet. This device will take care of controller input, image processing and collision detection. While this is a great idea and this means that you will have the option to buy a cheaper console, if you can call it that, the downside is that it will cost you since you do need local hardware.

While the price of the Xbox Scarlet streaming device will be lower than the traditional device, it will still add to the monthly subscription which I am pretty sure that Xbox will charge. While there is no release date that has been confirmed by Microsoft, it is speculated that the Xbox Scarlet will be released around 2020. If that is indeed the case then you can expect the Xbox Scarlet streaming box to come out with the traditional console.

There is little that we know about the Xbox Scarlet streaming box, it is speculated that the device will cost around $99-125. This is not too much to ask and I am pretty sure that when the Xbox Scarlet console will come to market, it will cost much more than this.

If I was to take a guess, keeping in mind how hardware is getting expensive, the console should cost more than $500 at launch. If it is any lower than that means that Microsoft will be taking a major hit and losing money for each console sold and in that case, the company will heavily be relying on game sales and subscriptions.

One thing is safe to say, all the upcoming games will be playable on the Xbox Scarlet and the streaming device. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference in performance and graphics there will be between the two. While streaming is something that we have been waiting a long time for and there have been services that offer this feature, I expect that Microsoft will do things right, this time.

We have already started hearing about games that are being developed for the next generation of consoles. An analyst has also speculated that the upcoming Xbox will be coming out before the PS5 and f that is indeed the case then that might mean that the Xbox Scarlet could come out next year.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Xbox Scarlet and whether or not you are interested in getting the upcoming streaming device.