Retro Commodore 64 Mini Launch Date For US And Canada Announced

When Retro Commodore 64 Mini launched in Europe a few months back, it was a moment to rejoice for the old school gamers. This console serves as a nostalgic hardware that will really pour the heart out of those who have played games on old classic consoles.

The good news for those in, US and Canada, this console will officially be available on 9th October this year.

This version of the console is 50% smaller in size and has a fine quality finishing to it. When Retro Commodore 64 Mini launched in Europe it was also available to North America via imports, however, US and Canadian consumers were not exposed to such an opportunity.

Now, they can rest assured because coming October, it will be in their hands. Having said that there is no doubt that this console clearly takes its inspiration from Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic. For those who are unfamiliar, this Retro Commodore 64 Mini is a small version of the Commodore 64 home computer, which was a really enjoyed and loved hardware back in the 1980s.

Furthermore, with this RC 64 Mini, 64 games are included which include the likes of California Games, Speedball II, Street Sports Baseball, Temple of Apshai Trilogy and Uridium and so much more. This machine comes with its own controller, has two USB ports and a classic looking keyboard.

Apart from that up till now, this console has had somewhat of mixed European reviews, while most found the joystick to be a little too stiff others were concerned about the longevity it can offer with limited games. Still, for those who would want to catch a feeling of their young life or perhaps keep this one as a form of novelty, such small things might not matter.

At the moment no official price has been announced for Retro Commodore 64 Mini but you can expect it to cost around, US $80.

So are you an old soul? If you are then this is something you might want to get? Let us know what you think in the comments below.