Pete Hines On Bethesda’s Lineup: Not All Games Sell As Well As Fallout And Elder Scrolls

Undeniably, the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises are Bethesda’s strong spots. Even though both franchises bring more popularity and revenue to the company, that doesn’t mean that they take all other games lightly. That’s what Pete Hines believes when talking about their future release lineup.

During a talk with, Pete Hines revealed that not all games can sell as well asĀ Fallout and Elder Scrolls. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll focus all their interest on those two single franchises or that they’ll try to make other ones like them. He even quoted Doom’s success when it released to prove his point which, undeniably, makes perfect sense. His statement was the following:

“Yeah but lots of things don’t sell as well as Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Our belief is that we want to aim for the right goal of what we’re making and what those franchises can do. If you hold up every game as if it’s gotta do what Fallout and Skyrim did, then you’re [not] gonna make many games because very few games will do that. Like, Doom didn’t do that but Doom still sold awesome, so it’s just about what’s the right size dev team, dev cycle, size of the audience and are we doing a good job of delivering that.”

What’s interesting to take from this statement is that Bethesda is aware of what their strengths are but will not take advantage of them. With FalloutĀ 76 releasing this November and The Elder Scrolls 6 somewhen in the future, the company showed that they still have the passion to work on both franchises but they won’t let others “die” instead. With RAGE 2 and Starfield already being on Bethesda’s roadmap, we should expect the company to continue developing great games without them being foreshadowed by the “grandmasters”.

Hines also went on to say that he doesn’t care how well their games will sell, as soon as they make a small progress. He said:

“In general I always want everything to do more than it did. If we sold eight I wouldn’t have minded nine, if we sold 20 I don’t mind 21. There’s never a point as publisher or developer where you say we literally should stop selling copies of this. You always want more players, you wanna do better. I think we had some things that did well, I think we had things that we thought might sell better but it is what it is.”

Bethesda is releasing Fallout 76 this November for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. RAGE 2 is the next release on the line, set to release early 2019 with The Elder Scrolls 6 not having a release window yet.